West Side Story blogging

In honor of the release of the new Broadway cast recording of “West Side Story” being released today on CD and MP3, I thought would share my experience with “West Side Story.”  In high school, I was passionately involved in the drama program our high school had.  The first play I was in was “West Side Story” and it was also the first Broadway musical that our high school did.  I have to say from someone who’s been in “West Side Story” I have respect for anyone who has been involved with that play ever.  Not only is there elaborate choreography for all the musical numbers, the fights have elaborate choreography as well.  If you are wondering what role I played in “West Side Story”, I was one of the Jets.  It was one of the hardest yet most fun roles I played.  Anytime I hear music from “West Side Story” my mind flashes back to being in our high school production of this.  The movie “West Side Story” is easily one of my favorite movie musicals.  A big part of me would like to see them make a new movie version of it.  I know who would be the stars in my dream cast of the new “West Side Story” movie:

Tony- Adam Lambert

Maria- Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical)

Riff- Ewan McGregor

Bernardo- Enrique Iglesias

Anita- Jennifer Lopez ( I got this idea from Vanity Fair’s “West Side Story Revisited” photo shoot, I think she would be a perfect Anita)


4 Replies to “West Side Story blogging”

  1. I love your choices, && I never actually pictured Jennifer Lopez as Anita before that Vanity Fair shoot either, she would in fact be perfect.

    Adam Lambert would definitely have the singing chops, && ironically enough Vanessa Hudgens has stated on more than one occassion that her dream role would in fact be Maria (she’s a big Natalie Wood fan, && really, who can blame her?)

    Enrique as Bernardo, there’s someone I didn’t even think about. That could actually go over well too. Not too sure on Riff, but Ewan sounds great too.

    If they ever do remake/revamp it, I could definitely see your choices as possibilities.

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