Is the new "Fame" movie relevant in today's society?

Over the weekend I watched the movie “Fame” (not the remake coming out in theaters but the original 1980 film). After watching this masterpiece, I found myself wondering why a remake was really necessary.   Back in the eighties, becoming famous was something that seemed impossible, but in today’s world of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, anyone with a gimmick or talent can become famous or infamous, if you will, with the click of a mouse. If that weren’t enough to try to achieve fame, there are also several reality shows to choose from.


2 Replies to “Is the new "Fame" movie relevant in today's society?”

  1. i have never watched original movie of fame . but i guess this new version not done any harm for its first version. it was amazing to watch that dances a nd songs which tie my eyes to theater. no doubt this is the best movie.

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