Lady Gaga- "The Fame Monster" Review


As promised, I am reviewing Lady Gaga’s new EP, “The Fame Monster”.  After her stunning debut album, “The Fame”, Lady Gaga set the bar high for this release, and I can now say that the bar even higher with ” The Fame Monster”.Here is my favorite tracks from the album:

1. Bad Romance- Gaga’s first hit off “The Fame Monster” and a great way to start off this album.  With its catchy beats, Bad Romance grips you right from the first note and keeps the energy flowing to the song’s end.

4. Speechless- After seeing Lady Gaga performing this song on the AMAs, I was looking forward to hearing this song again.  This song is translates well between the recorded version to the live performance.

6.Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)- I really think this song is going to be a big dance hit.  The collaboration between Lady Gaga and Beyoncé is flawless.

These are songs that stood out for me.  That’s not to say that the other songs weren’t great.  The whole album is a nice companion to “The Fame”.


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