My Review of Adam Lambert's Performance on the American Music Awards

Ok, the big talk today is Adam Lambert’s performance on the American Music Awards last night.  Reviews vary from daring to inappropriate and raunchy.  My take on it is that this performance pushed the envelope in an innovative way.  If Adam had been a woman thrusting her hips into a guy, the outrage would be not be as high, but seeing as Adam is a gay guy, the Christian zealots have to make a mountain out of a molehill.  As for the kiss, there have more vulgar kisses between a man and woman on some of the primetime dramas, but again since it was a guy kissing another guy it’s another matter.  Adam’s vocals were maybe a little off but if you notice most of the performances from the show were pitchy or off because of the sound equipment.  All in all, I thought Adam’s debut performance was amazing and sensational.


One Reply to “My Review of Adam Lambert's Performance on the American Music Awards”

  1. Gerry, welcome to the USA, the land of double-standards. All my life I’ve pointed out that in society today, we are filled with double standards. I’m reminded of all of the antics that Britney Spears pulled off in her early career. Let’s break it down, shall we?

    First, she dressed as a slutty Catholic school girl in Baby One More Time.
    Later on in her career, she kissed Madonna. She went on to dance with snakes. Then finally she went out on stage in a flesh-colored body suit which made her appear to be naked, which left nothing to the imagination.

    You have to understand that America is just coming to terms with the fact that Adam is gay. There, I said it. Adam Lambert is gay, and really, who the hell cares? I sure don’t. If Adam were female, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal, as today girls kiss girls all of the time, and lesbianism is far more accepted; I don’t know why, but likely it’s because in the bible it isn’t denounced as much (or so I’m told).

    I watched his performance on YouTube (before it was removed for copyright claims), and found nothing wrong with it. In fact, I think I’ve seen worse things like over-acted gore violence on some of the other television shows; apparently being gay and being open about it is somehow worse…?

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