Lady Gaga's New Video: Alejandro

This week, the music video of Alejandro, the third single from Lady Gaga’s album The Fame Monster, premiered online at both Lady Gaga’s website and You Tube.  Directed by renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein, Alejandro showcases what Lady Gaga does best: pushing the envelope on risqué imagery.  Whether Lady Gaga is wearing skimpy underwear where you can see her nipples poking through her bra or a vinyl red nun’s outfit, one thing is for sure, this video will have people talking both good and bad comments.  Lady Gaga achieves with this video what only a few artists have done, create a video that divides people’s views of her as an artist.  Comments on Alejandro on You Tube have ranged on the positive side (“This song is one of the best produced songs I have heard in a long time. Top notch production!”) to the negative (“this deceiver is leading all her fans straight to hell with her evil and demonic symbolism. she laughs at her fans, calls them monsters, tells them that she kills everyday to get where she is, and that she is a lie while you all cheer on. her fans have to either be brainless or deaf bc what are they listening to, the beat? it might sound nice, but at what price. gaga said she wants your souls. these are her words. stop giving them to her! SHEEPLE!”).  The controversy surrounding this video is very similar to the controversy that Madonna experienced when her video for “Like a Prayer”.    While the video’s meaning seems ambiguous, Lady Gaga has stated that this video was a tribute to the gay community and Klein explained that the plot of the video was about a woman who is trying  to bring her dead love back to life and cannot deal with the brutality of her current situation.


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