Wonder Woman’s New Look and Direction

Wonder Woman 2010

 From DC Comics’ blog, The Source, this new look for Wonder Woman, envisioned by J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by Jim Lee, debuts in Wonder Woman #600 today along with a new direction for the book.  As soon as I have read the comic, I will give my review on the new look and direction.  So see you back here in two hours.

Update–  After reading the prologue to Straczynski’s Wonder Woman story arc, “Odyssey”, I am curious to see how this change in direction will play out.  The story told in the prologue, titled “Culture Shock”, focuses on how  the Greek Gods shift reality where Diana never grew up on Paradise Island.  Instead of an island paradise, Diana’s home is the urban jungle of what I assume to be New York City.  The premise of the story arc shows promise that it will be an interesting story.  So, unlike some of my fellow comic book readers, I will give this story a chance to see if it lives up to its promise.


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