MTV: The Decline of an Iconic Channel

MTV sucks!! Let me rephrase that statement: the channel that passes as MTV sucks!!  The MTV that I grew up with is by far better than the MTV that exists today.  Back in the ’90s, MTV still played music videos and interesting shows like Daria and Road Rules.  The programming that plays on MTV today is nothing more than mindless drivel with no redeeming value whatsoever.  Take Jersey Shore, for example, the majority of the episodes are devoted to (insert Snooki, J-Wow, the Situation, or any of the cast members) getting drunk and having sex.    

     The majority of MTV’s programming is reality shows.  Now I do not have a problem with reality shows, but what I take issue with is the “people” on these shows or the subject of the show.  I am not one to believe that television is the cause of violence, teen pregnancies, or whatever.  I believe firmly that it’s first and foremost the way a child is raised but even I admit that we should not have shows like Teen Mom glorifying teen pregnancies.  Here recently MTV has come under fire from the Parents Television Council over its newest show, Skins.

    Another issue I have with Jersey Shore is that the cast became instant celebrities because of their drinking and whoring around.  Both Snooki and J-Wow got books published based on their celebrity status.  Also these parasites get to go to red-carpet events because of their show.  I have a niece and a cousin that watch this show religiously.  It makes me shudder that a drunken whore with bad hair and a horrible tan like Snooki is a role model.


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