Charlie Sheen is My Hero

I have a new hero and his name is Charlie Sheen.  How can you not admire a man who uses anti-Semitic names for his boss, Chuck Lorre, creator of Two and A Half Men?  In case, you haven’t picked up on it, the first two statements I made are sarcastic.  Something needs to be done about this train wreck of a person.  Sheen’s actions as of late have halted production of his hit show and as of today, Chuck Lorre has said that no more new episodes of Two and A Half Men are being shot this season.  Sheen’s war with Lorre is not without innocent casualties.  The cast and crew of Men have been put in limbo due to Sheen’s vendetta.  When asked by People Magazine’s Sara Hammel about the crew, Sheen said, “Be patient, get focused, we are at war … defeat is not an option.”

According to Hammel, Sheen says that he’s “100 percent sober”, but it is hard to believe that to be the case when Sheen keeps lashing out at Lorre and issuing challenges to his boss.  Although I am not a fan of Two and a Half Men, it is one of CBS’ highest rated shows and in order for it to remain that way, Lorre needs to fire Sheen.  Sheen has burned his bridges and needs to fade into obscurity.


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