American Idol Top 12 Girls

First of all, I have to say as a whole, the girls didn’t impress me as well as the boys did.  Once again, the rating system is * (Stars) with four being the highest.

  • Ta-Tynisa Wilson “Only Girl in the World”- * It was a big mistake for Ta-Tynisa to sing this song.  She was way off-key and she has no power in her voice like Rhianna.  Plus her dress was horrible.
  • Naima Adedapo “Summertime”-*** Naima is sassy thing with great vocals.  Interesting taste in fashion. She is one of few girls tonight that owned the stage.
  • Kendra Chantelle “Impossible- ** Kendra was just average. Se had no flair in voice until the final note.
  • Rachel Zavita “Criminal”- ** Rachel chose an interesting arrangement for this song and it almost worked.  She’s very saucy.
  • Karen Rodriguez “Hero”- * This song was too big for her.  When she sung part of the song in Spanish, that showed some potential.
  • Lauren Turner “Seven Day Fool”- *** Lauren has great vocals.  Doesn’t stand out enough yet.
  • Ashthon Jones  “Love Over Me” -**** Was she wearing a corset?  She has mad vocals. Smoldering presence.
  • Julie Zorrilla    “Breakaway”-*  Was she dressed for her super sweet sixteen party or for Idol?  Once again we have a girl who is taking on a song that was too big for her and was sharp at times.
  • Haley Reinhart   “Fallin”- *** A jazzy and sultry performance.  Not perfect but she owned the stage.    
  • Thia Megia      “Out Here On My Own”- **** Hard to believe this girl is only 15.  Strong opening and incredible vocals.  She commands the stage without moving.                    
  • Lauren Alaina    “Turn on the Radio”- **** Lauren made a bold choice and it paid off.  Country music is her comfort zone.
  • Pia Toscano  “I’ll Stand by You’- **** Pia is an ambitious girl for her age.   The top girl this season with a flawless performance.         She’s a  powerhouse that can only get better.                                                        

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