The Rememberer- A Review of a Pilot that May Become a TV Show on CBS [UPDATED 5-16-2011]

Yesterday I had the opportunity to view a pilot being pitched for the fall TV season.  Living here in Vegas now has its perks.  At the MGM Grande, CBS has a facility that is called “Television City”.  Television City is where CBS Corporation shows pilots that are being considered to be made into TV shows for CBS, MTV, VH1 and any other network owned by CBS.  Tourists and residents of Vegas are recruited to watch these pilots and give their honest opinion on what they watch.  The pilot I watched yesterday was called “Unforgettable” but upon  researching it, I found out that the official name is “The Rememberer” (yeah I know the name sucks.  Let’s hope if it does become a series that the name will be changed). 

     The plot of “The Rememberer” revolves around a woman named Carrie Wells who has a knack for remembering everything and we find out later that this due to the fact she has a condition called hypermnesia.  Due to this, it is revealed, Carrie was a formidable detective in Syracuse but quit due to the investigation on her sister’s murder being closed.  Her past comes back in the form of a former lover/ colleague working on a murder investigation as a part of the Queens’ Police Department.  Being a “witness” to the murder of her neighbor, Carrie is forced to work with her former lover, Al Burns.

The main stars of this pilot are Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace) and Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck).  While some of the supporting characters were interesting, other characters were one-dimensional and lacked any qualities to make the audience care about them unlike the two leads.  This pilot has a great premise and would make a great series with a few minor tweaks.  The chemistry between Montgomery and Walsh and the subplot about Carrie’s sister are two reasons I would like to see this show happen.

UPDATE (5-16-11):  As reported just over 20 minutes ago from Entertainment Weekly, “The Rememberer” has been picked up for the fall season and the name of the show has been changed to “Unforgettable”.  I will be watching this show in the fall.  Stay tuned for more news.

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