Television High School Graduations

With tonight’s season finale of 90210 revolving around the new West Bev gang graduating from high school, I thought I would do an article on memorable high school graduations on television.

Who could forget the original Beverly Hills, 90210 graduation?  The year was 1993 and to really talk about this one, though, you have to go back to when Donna Martin got drunk at prom and we barred from graduating.  Brandon and the rest of the original West Beverly gang rallied the whole junior and senior classes at West Beverly Hills High and marched down to the school board to protest for Donna’s right to graduate.  Of course, this action was successful and Donna graduated with her friends.

That same year, Zach Morris and the rest of Bayside gang graduated on Saved By the Bell.  Zach, the ultimate slacker, is told he can’t graduate because he’s a credit short but if does the school’s production of Swan Lake, he will get the credit and be able to graduate. 

Unfortunately, NBC Universal does not have any clips from that episode so all I could find was a promo about the episode.

Then in 1999, Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang graduated from Sunnydale on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy and her whole graduating class ended up fighting vampires and the Mayor of Sunnydale, who turned into a big snake.

In 2001, the teens of Capeside graduated on Dawson’s Creek.

Pacey does not attend his graduation because he is offered a job to sail a yacht down to the Caribbean.

The class of 2005 included a young Clark Kent and his friends graduating from Smallville High on Smallville but before the ceremony completes an evacuation is called due to meteors coming toward Smallville.

The teens of Newport graduate from Harbor School on The O.C. graduate in 2006.

That same episode tragedy befalls the Newport kids.


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