It’s the “End of the World” But I’m Still Going to Dance My Ass Off

Leave it to Britney Spears to come out with the theme of today.  Even though I did not buy into this whole “rapture” thing since I first heard that May 21 was going that day, this is how I want to mark the end of the world.  In all reality, who wouldn’t want to spend the last few moments in existence dancing, especially if Britney was there performing?  In all seriousness though, another thing I was thinking about is all the people who actually believed that today was the rapture. I’m not trying to belittle someone else’s beliefs but how can someone put stock in a crazy guy like Harold Camping?  Talk about a false prophet.  I just wonder if the people who believed in Harold’s prophecy are going to end up being disillusioned with their religious beliefs.

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