Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Special Edition Album Review


As anticipated, Lady Gaga’s second album, Born This Way, was released today and Gaga’s sophomore effort was worth the wait.  Two different versions of Born This Way, the standard version and two-disc special edition.  The album is great but take my advice: buy the special edition!  The special edition has three extra songs on the first disc and five remixes on the second disc just for a couple of dollars more. 

Born This Way as a whole is a masterpiece.  The songs that I really enjoyed are aside from the first two singles, “Born This Way” and “Judas” respectively, are “Scheiße”, “Bad Kids”, “Fashion of His Love”,  “You and I”, and “The Edge of Glory”.

“Scheiße”, which is German for shit, starts off with Gaga saying “I don’t speak German, but I can if you like” and then goes into Gaga speaking in German to a dance beat.  “Bad Kids” was written as a tribute to Gaga’s fans dubbed “Little Monsters”.  Lady Gaga said while touring she was inspired by stories from her fans.  “Fashion of His Love” is a love song to the late fashion icon, Alexander McQueen, who was a good friend of Gaga’s and the song evokes the catchy pop beat from the 80s.  “You and I” was first heard by most of America for the first time when American Idol contestant performed it during the Top 5 week.  “You and I” is probably my favorite on the album because Lady Gaga rocks out on this song.  Gaga wrote this song in 2010 about trying to recapture her lost love with former boyfriend, Luc Carl.  The album ends with “The Edge of Glory” which I talked about right Gaga first leaked the song.

The songs on the second disc are remixes of “Born This Way”, “Judas”,  “Marry the Night”, “Scheiße”, and “Fashion of His Love” which I thought was the best remix.

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