My Thoughts on the American Idol Finale 2011

Okay after watching the two-hour long American Idol finale, I have to conclude that this seemed like it was the longest finale in Idol history.  It was good in some spots but for the most part it was bad.  Here are the thoughts I wrote during the show in chronological order:

  • Am I the only one who got tired of hearing Randy say “in it to win it”?  Randy overused that phrase this season. 
  • Ryan revealed that they got over 122 million votes
  • Ryan also said that Scotty and Lauren have been the talk of the nation.  Yeah, as the most boring final performance.
  • The Top 13 performed Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” which I thought was too manufactured.  The Glee cast did this song much better.
  • James Durbin and Judas Priest, the perfect combination.  This is what James is meant to do.
  • The tribute to Randy was nauseating.  Since when this season has Randy had his finger on the pulse?  He’s been wrong a lot this season.  Do we really need an “in it to win it” montage.
  • Jacob Lusk, gospel singer Kirk Franklin, Gladys Knight taking us to church and passing the offering plate.  This feels like telethon.  Jacob has committed career suicide.
  • Casey and Jack Black singing “Fat Bottom Girls” this is too theatrical. Then the hot chicks come out in short shorts.  This show has now went sexist.
  • Top 6 girls  performing a Beyonce medley, and surprise!! Beyonce comes out and shows the girls how it’s done,
  • The Steven Tyler salute was great.  “Loose Cannon” is a great description Steven.
  • Tony Bennett?!! Why?   Are the producers on crack?  Instead of Tony Bennett paired with Haley Rhinehart, why not Michael Buble?  He’s more hip.  The choice of Tony Bennett was odd.
  • The J-Lo tribute, of course, focused on the contestants love for her and played “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” as a nod to her People title.
  • Lil Jon rapping with TLC preceding him.  TLC are has-beens.
  • Scotty McCreery and Tim McGraw singing “Live Like You Were Dying”.  Although this has to be one of Scotty’s performances, he could learn a few things from McGraw like less is more,
  • The best of the worst montage was just plain ridiculous.
  • J-Lo’s hubby, Marc Anthony takes the stage to do a rousing performance.  There were some showgirls dancing and Jennifer comes out to dance.  Man can she dance!!  Also we have an appearance  on the drums by Sheila E.
  • The Casey vs. James debate over whose exit was most controversial was hilarious and Pia Toscano appearing at the end made it even better.
  • It’s the Top 7 guys turn to do artist medley and they do a Tom Jones medley.  Stefano does “Kiss” sucks, Paul sings “She’s a Lady” sucks, James performing “What’s New, Pussycat?” very good, Scotty does “Green, Green Grass of Home” sucks, Jacob sings “Love Me Tonight” sucks, and Casey performs “My Delilah” sucks.  Oh and big surprise!!! Tom Jones comes out and sings.  Really?!! He looks like death warmed over,  What the hell are we watching here?!!
  • Of course a plug for Ford.  Scotty and Lauren give teachers keys to Ford Focuses and in turn, Ford gives the two finalists any Ford vehicle they want.
  • Lady Gaga performs “The Edge of Glory” flawlessly.  She even brought Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band on the saxophone.  The performance is simply amazing.
  • Lauren sings with Carrie Underwood on Carrie’s hit “Before He Cheats”.  Great pairing.  The two women compliment each other, they should do a duet either on Lauren’s first album or Carrie’s next one.
  • Beyonce performing again by herself.  Wish she would have performed “Run the World (Girls)”
  • Bono and the Edge sing “Rise Above 1” from their musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” with star Reeve Carney.  It was okay but it was a little corny.
  • Finally the moment most of us have been waiting for all season….Steven Tyler singing “Dream On”.  Man he’s still got it!!
  • Finally we get to the reveal of who is the American Idol and the winner is….Scotty McCreery.  Big surprise (insert sarcasm).

This year’s finale was a mixed bag of ups and downs, mostly downs.  I am torn between wanting Idol to end or come back with J-Lo and Steven Tyler as judge.  In some way American Idol has lost its relevancy and maybe some credibility after James was eliminated.

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