Review of Pilot of New CBS Show “2 Broke Girls”

Today I went to CBS Television City in MGM Grand in hopes of seeing another stellar pilot for the upcoming fall season.  Instead, I saw a dreadful show called “2 Broke Girls”.  Never before have I hated a show as much as I hate this show.  Presented as a comedy from the executive producer of “Sex and the City”, “2 Broke Girls” is exactly as it sounds two broke girls trying to better themselves and dealing with life along the way.  The two main characters, Max and Caroline, are played by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs respectively.  Max is your regular New York City hard ass girl who is always sarcastic and Caroline is a rich airhead gone broke working her first job as a waitress.  As for the other characters, they are bad clichés. 

In my opinion, there are too many things wrong with this show that it should have never made it on the fall lineup.  The writers use too many metaphors for jokes, for example, one character says, “That girl is working harder than Steven Hawking trying to put in a pair of cufflinks” to describe how hard Caroline is working.  Yeah, talk about a bad joke in poor taste.  Another thing that bothered me was the transitional music was too repetitive and the laugh track was over the top.  Here’s a preview of the show.

I’ll be surprised if this show makes it past two episodes.

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