My Goal

In April of this year, I relocated from the unpredictable climate of Northeast Ohio to the desert climate of Las Vegas, Nevada.  My partner said when we moved to Vegas that we were on a two-year plan.  Two years in Sin City.  My goal when I came here was to become an established and maybe successful pop culture blogger.  That goal would come to fruition at the end of the two years.  So here we are, three months into the two-year plan and I have covered a few pop culture worthy events.  I have also picked up more views on this blog.  Now I have 21 months to go on this journey.  My plans for the duration of this chapter are hopefully covering the just-announced IHeartRadio Music Festival, The Latin Grammys, the Miss America Pageant, and whatever other exciting things come my way in this crazy town.  I am also not disregarding the surprises that come my way; I welcome them.  For those of you who follow me now, I hope that you stick with me throughout this whole experience because you want to see what happens next like me.


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