Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Madonna’s Super Bowl debut was a success or a failure depending on who you asked.  Some people said over Twitter that it was the worst thing they ever saw, while others, like myself, thought it was a crowning moment for the pop star.  One thing is for certain: aside from the Super Bowl, Madonna’s halftime show was widely talked about on Twitter last night.

Madonna was brought out to the stage on a chariot pulled by a large group of men dressed like Roman soldiers.  Madonna was performing “Vogue” when she reached the stage.  At one point of singing her medley of songs, Madonna almost fell but being the true artist that she is, she went right on with her performance.

The former Material Girl pulled out all the stops in her halftime show from performing some of her best known songs to having other artists like LMFAO and Cee-lo Green perform with her.  The thing that has caused a whirlwind of controversy was during the performance of Madonna’s new single, “Give Me All Your Luvin'”.  At the point that fellow collaborating artist, M.I.A. performed, the rapper had a “finger malfunction” at the end of her rap along with a minor explicative.  The censors tried to prevent the incident but where seconds late.

credit: and getty images

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