Thoughts About the 54th Grammy Awards

Before I go into my thoughts about last night’s Grammys, I wanted to make a major criticism to CBS and the Grammy Association itself.  Those of us who are music and pop culture bloggers on the west coast had to wait three hours behind the east coast to see the telecast of the Grammys.  It made it very difficult to tweet or blog about who was performing or who won what when the east coast knew three hours before we did.  It’s not like it couldn’t be shown at the same time as the east coast.  I have seen it done with other award shows.  Now that I got that complaint off my chest on to the show itself:

  • Bruce Springsteen opening the show was sensational.  Bruce can still rock.
  • Bruno Mars’ performance was good.  It was a throwback to the Motown days with the gold suits.  I don’t know if Bruno was joking or not but when they showed his reaction to his fellow nominee, Adele winning the first award, it looked like he was having a tantrum.  Many people said it was a joke and good fun, but still, he needs to have some class because it came off as if he was a sore loser.  
  • Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt’s tribute to Etta James was amazing.
  • I really don’t like Chris Brown, so I fast forwarded past his performance.  Yes, he’s talented but he hit Rihanna two years ago and he’s an arrogant ass.  Plus you have all of these women tweeting and posting on Facebook that Chris Brown could beat them anytime, that’s sad.
  • Absolutely loved Rihanna and Coldplay last night.  They killed it on the stage!!  Rihanna looked smoking hot!!
  • Right after Rihanna and Coldplay, the show goes to commercial and the first commerical has Willie Nelson singing Coldplay’s “The Scientist”.  Great idea for Willie to do this song but for an animated Chipotle commercial? Weird.  See it for yourself: 
  • Foo Fighters’ performance as always amazing.  The band won Rock Album of the Year and brought their producer and Garbage band member, Butch Vig, on stage with them.  That was excellent to see Butch.
  • The Beach Boys Tribute was one of the best moments of the night.  Maroon 5 came out first to sing “Little Surfer Girl”.  Adam Levine and his boys made that perfomance very swoon-worthy.  Then, one of favorite bands, Foster the People, came out to sing “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and it was great!!  Finally the Beach Boys themselves came out to commemorate 50 years since they debuted and sang “Good Vibrations”.  Much respect for them because they can still sing but certain Beach Boys had a lost look on their face.
  • Paul McCartney with Diana Krall and Joe Walsh performing McCartney’s “Valentine”.  It was good but not a favorite of mine.
  • The Civil Wars doing a brief version of their hit “Barton Hollow”.  Amazing.  They should have performed the whole song.
  • Taylor Swift comes out to sing her latest single, “Mean”.  Whomever designed the set for her performance should be fired.  It looked terrible!!  Taylor’s vocals have improved and she can play a mean banjo.
  • Katy Perry, on the other hand, cannot sing in live performances.  She is very overrated.  Not to mention, her costumes and blue hair were horrendous.
  • Adele came out to sing the song that made her the most known artist last year, “Rolling in the Deep”.  I think this was her first live performance since the surgery she had on her throat to remove some polyps and repair some hemorraging.  She was simply stunning!! The entire audience gave her standing ovation after she sang, and Adele stood there in disbelief, drinking in the adoration.
  • The tribute to Glen Campbell was marvelous!!  The Band Perry leading off with “Gentle on My Mind”.  The sibling band are a rare breed of talent.  They should have won Best New Artist.  Blake Shelton sang “Southern Nights”.  It’s apparent why he is well respected in the music industry.  The man has amazing stage charisma.  Finally, the man himself, Glen Campbell came out to perform his best known song, “Rhinestone Cowboy.”  Without a doubt, Glen is a legend.
  • He and Diana Ross were among the many honored with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Grammys. Why didn’t she sing though?
  • Carrie Underwood and Tony Bennett’s turn on the Grammy stage with “It Had to Be You”.  Very classy number, it’s good to see the older standards never go out of style.  Carrie made a great point on how Tony Bennett is always appealing to new generations.
  • I’m sure Bon Iver is talented but I disagree with him winning Best New Artist.  Didn’t care for acceptance speech either.
  • Jennifer Hudson sings “I Will Always Love You” as a tribute to Whitney Houston.  Seeing Jennifer sing the song that Whitney performed on the same stage almost twenty years ago was heartwrenching.  The music world lost one of its great singers.  Where was Chaka Kahn?  It was said that she was going to be a part of the Whitney tribute.
  • Electronic music finally gets its due on the Grammys.  Chris Brown sings while David Guetta and Skrillex spin the turntables.  Even though I do not care for Chris Brown, he was on fire and Lil Wayne making an appearence rapping the bridge of the song.  Then we get another performance by the Foo Fighters.  Only this time we get a verse and chorus of “Rope” in its original from and then we get Deadmau5 putting in his touches to the song.  Deadmau5 has some sick djaying skills and his computerized helmet is very unique.
  • Nicki Minaj should not have performed her new song, “Roman Holiday” the way she did.  I’m not a religious person but even I thought that her performance last night was in poor taste.  It had an exorcism theme to it, the set looked like a Catholic church, and her dancers were dressed as priests and alter boys.  What was she thinking?  Not to mention, she sounded horrible.
  • More love for Adele.  The woman is an incredible talent.  Adele swept the Grammys winning in all six categories she was nominated.  Her handsome producer, Paul Epworth, won Producer of the Year for his work on Adele’s album 21.
  • Loved Paul McCartney closing out the show with one of my favorite groups of Beatles’ songs: “Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight” and “The End” from Abbey Road.  Paul is a class act and it was extraordinary to see Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters get up on stage to play the guitar solo on “The End” with Sir Paul.
  • Overall, the Grammys this year were incredible.  L.L. Cool J was an okay host but thanks to Dan Renzi, I could not help noticing how many times L.L. licked his lips when he was on camera.

One Reply to “Thoughts About the 54th Grammy Awards”

  1. I was mesmerized–this was the best Grammy show ever! Glen Campbell without his guitar was still super! He still has IT! I don’t care about the dresses they wore–the talent was unsurpassed! Adele is amazing and I rarely use that word. Her charming cockney accent in contrast with her elegant yet raw performance is unforgettable. She was humbled and didn’t bother to hide it! I love Sir Paul! Somehow I was out of the room on an errand. Did Chaka Khan sing at all? I would have loved to hear her. And Tony Bennett! Bonnie Raitt and that fabulous Alicia Keys, what magnificence! Jennifer Hudson’s rendition for Whitney was a tear-jerker. What a shock to find out only yesterday about her death and still be able to build a show where she is there, somehow, intertwined in every heart there. We will always love you… Again, kudos are not enough. It was too magnificent for words. I do agree about the Minaj song, it was puzzling, yet somehow it should be given credit, the stage, the setting. At any rate, she’s an iconoclastic talent!

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