Review of COUGAR TOWN Season 3 Premiere “Ain’t Love Strange”

Last night after nine months wait, Cougar Town returned with new episodes.  The season three opener, “Ain’t Love Strange”, focused mostly on the relationship between Jules and Grayson but the subplots in this episode were quite hilarious as well.   Episode spoilers after the jump. Before we discuss the romance plot, I want to talk about the Stan Torres subplot.  It is only fitting the spawn of Andy and Ellie Torres is in fact a hellspawn.  Seeing Stan go down the street with a hammer was hilarious.  The moment between Ellie and Laurie concerning Stan was great because we see Ellie’s rarely seen soft side.

Back to the development of the Jules/ Grayson relationship.  I absolutely loved the creativity of Grayson proposing to Jules.  The fact that Jules is predictable to Grayson plays into the planning for the event.  After messing with some skater punks, Lori makes Jules believe that the punks sharked her car.  This leads to a debate over the fact that Jules is predictable and Grayson writes this song.

Jules wants to get revenge against the skater punks by teepeeing their house.  She enlists the help of Lori and creepy neighbor, Tom to help her.

After making Jules think that Tom and Laurie have been caught by the police, Grayson reveals himself and proposes to Jules.

So this season will revolve around Jules planning her wedding to Grayson.  I am looking forward to seeing the insanity that ensues from this.  What were your thoughts on the season three opener of Cougar Town?  Let me in the comments.

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