Classic Moments From The Simpsons

This Sunday, the longest running primetime scripted television series, The Simpsons, celebrates its 500th episode milestone.  As a tribute to The Simpsons, I thought I would share a few favorite moments from the animated series.

In the fourth episode of the seventh season, “Bart Sells His Soul”, Bart is handing out “hymns” out at the entrance to the church.  What ensues is the whole church singing “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly.

In “Marge Versus the Monrail”, from season four,  the town of Springfield ends up with an extra three million dollars thanks to Mr. Burns dumping nuclear waste in the city park.  The town gathers to discuss what to do with the money when Lyle Lanley swoops in to advantage of the situation.

When the teachers go on strike in “The PTA Disbands” from sixth season, Bart creates mischief at the bank.  The scene is a parody of the scene at the bank in It’s a Wonderful Life.



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