Box Office Blues: The Downward Spiral of Movie Theaters

Earlier this evening after getting back from seeing The Phantom Menace 3D at the movie theater, I saw a brief story on CNN about how people are going to see movies in the theaters less these days.  This is even true in my own life.  What is causing this trend?  In my opinion, I believe it has to do with the rising cost of tickets and the lack of manners of people.

These days to see a movie in a theater it will cost you around $8.00 to just see a movie.  That doesn’t even account for how much that will be spent at the snack bar, which is super expensive as well.  If that wasn’t enough, theaters tack on an extra fee for 3D movies (for me, the extra cost was $4), so you are paying extra for a pair of plastic glasses that the theater wants you to recycle after the movie is over with.  Some people like myself decide to keep the glasses since we pay for them.  You would think that the theaters would give you a discount if you brought your own 3D glasses but that isn’t the case.  It is another example of the greed of movie studios and theaters.

Another reason, in my opinion, viewership at movie theaters is down is because of the lack of manners that people have.  Many times I have been to a theater to see a film that was family friendly only to hear little kids constantly talking during the movie.  Parents need to have a talk with their children before they go into a movie about not talking.  It is rude!!  Small children aren’t the only offenders though.  Teenagers are the other ill-mannered group, especially if there are a bunch of teenagers.  How self-centered are people not to realize that there other people in the theater that want to enjoy the movie without hearing the mindless chit-chat of teenagers or nonstop questions little kids ask their parents.  Common courtesy seems to go out the window with people sometimes.

While the Hollywood machine continues to churn out the movies, the amount of people going to the theater has decreased.  There may be more reasons than just the rising costs and the lack of manners but those are my gripes.  I would love to hear what you think of going to the movies.  Do you agree with my points or are there other reasons that keep you from going?


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