Review of Glee’s Winter Finale, “On My Way”

Last night’s episode of Glee may have been the best episode of the season.  Warning there are spoilers ahead if you have not seen the episode, after the jump.

The themes from “On My Way” all centered around former bully David Karofsky.  After last weeks episode when he revealed himself to be Kurt’s secret admirer, news of David being gay reached his teammates at his new school at an alarming rate.  Of course, when David shows up at school for practice, his teammates are acting differently and he finds the word “fag” spray painted on his locker.  This leads into of the best scenes of Glee this entire season.  Blaine tells Kurt he would like to try a new song for him.  Blaine, then, starts singing “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant and as the song goes on the focus shifts between Blaine singing and David attempting to commit suicide.

One thing you have to say about Glee is that the show opens dialogue on issues affecting teens today in full force.  The revelation of Karofsky’s suicide reaches Mckinley High and Will tells the kids that if there is something that brings them close to committing suicide remember things that you are looking forward to in your life.

During one of the commercial breaks, a PSA from the Trevor Project with Daniel Radcliffe aired.  For about a week there was talk of the PSA during this week’s episode of Glee, but the reasoning was not clear until the attempted suicide scene happened.  Here is the PSA:

The two central plots of “On My Way” was Regionals and Finn and Rachel getting married.  While the former plot was resolved with the expected win of the New Directions, the latter plot was left dangling in a cliffhanger that leaves us wondering not only if the wedding will happen but the fate of Quinn Fabray.

I really have to hand to Fox for throwing us off last week with the preview of this episode.

If you notice in the preview, Quinn tries to talk Rachel out of marrying Finn in what seems like minutes before the wedding.  I think this scene was shot just for the promo for “On My Way” to not give away the shock ending.  Anyway, the cliffhanger in discussion, is Quinn texting while driving and a truck hits her.  The episode ends there and teases “To Be Continued on April 10”.

What will happen to Quinn? Is she going to live?  Will Finn and Rachel get married?  The answers we seek will have to wait until seven weeks from now.

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