Kamikaze Rant: Eddie Murphy

Welcome to a new feature on this blog I would like to call Kamikaze Rant.  The goal of Kamikaze Rant is unleash all my gripes about a celebrity, movie studio, network, or whatever.  This edition of KR is focused on Eddie Murphy.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a talented actor but most of his movies here in the past ten years have sucked.  The exceptions to this are the Shrek movies and Dreamgirls.  Take his newest movie coming out, A Thousand Words,  it looks like a rehash of movies like Liar, Liar and The Yes Man.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the trailer for A Thousand Words:

The blame for this steaming pile of a movie should not fall on Eddie Murphy, though.  That honor goes to Steve Koren, writer of this film.  Koren also wrote crappy movies Click and Jack and Jill.  I digress, though, this rant is about Eddie Murphy.  Murphy’s last movie, Tower Heist, also sucked.  A glance at user reviews on IMDB showed a range of negative reviews.  One person called it “a ghetto version of Ocean’s 11” while another titled their review “So funny I wished I walked out of the cinema”.  I’m sorry Eddie but the last great film you did was Dreamgirls and that was six years ago.


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