Start Getting Real: An Interview With Real World: Boston Alumni, Genesis Moss

Fifteen years ago, Genesis Moss became one of seven strangers picked to live in a house in Boston as a part of MTV’s long running reality show, The Real World.  During this time, Moss challenged the stereotypes that her fellow housemates had when it came to being a lesbian.  Fast forward to the present, Genesis now lives in Los Angeles with her partner and together they run a successful photography/ graphic design company which has been awarded Wedding Wire’s “Bride’s Choice Award” for 2012.  For information on Genesis’ photography/ graphic design company, click this link.  Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Genesis about what it was like for her to be on the show, her friendships with former cast members, the possibility of a Real World: Boston reunion and more.

  • Looking back on your time on the Real World: Boston, you were one of the first lesbians on the Real World. What were your thoughts going into the experience knowing the whole subject of being openly gay on television was still controversial at that time?

Honestly, I think that was the catalyst for me doing it in the first place! I was the type of child that always did everything everyone told me. I followed that pattern into my teenage years and even went to a college that I was “told” to go to even though I never wanted to be there. So my coming out, for me personally, was me coming out on so many other levels than just being gay. It was my statement to the world that I was my own person, and nobody had the right to tell me how to think or live. Had I been a heterosexual 20-year-old girl, I never would have applied to the show.  I knew the only thing that was going to help all of the other repressed teenagers that were so much like myself was to be ME but be it on television. Not of all us wear flannel and have short hair. I think the world needed to see that. 

  • Are you still in touch with Jason and Kameelah or anyone else from the Boston cast? Are you friends with any other RW/ RR cast members?

I occasionally keep in touch with Jason through Facebook. Out of everyone, I keep in touch with Elka the most. We’re getting ready to do a dinner out soon as a matter of fact. I was also very good friends with Ruthie from Battle of the Sexes in Jamaica. She was actually one of the reasons I relocated to Los Angeles in the first place. However, as it sometimes happens in life, our schedules get in the way, and we don’t spend as much time together as we should. Elka though, she’s my girl. She’s an amazing person, and I’m grateful she’s still in my life after all of these years. 

  • What impact has being on The Real World made on your life?

On the positive: I gained a greater sense of self from the show. Anytime anyone has the opportunity to see themselves through someone else’s viewpoint, well, you can’t help but learn a great deal about yourself. It was a huge growing experience for me. On the negative: I trust people a lot less, and I value my privacy a lot more. Although I suppose some people might consider that to be a positive thing. hahaha!

  • Living in L.A., have you had any interesting encounters with other celebrities? Have you had any famous fans approach you?

I’ve seen my share of celebrities and those have mostly been encounters from attending various charity functions. I’ve never had a celebrity “fan” so to speak. I know that sounds lame! I do have a friend that’s a professional dancer that use to party with a certain celebrity and her dancers fairly frequently. She happened to be from my native area, Mississippi, and was a part of my MTV generation. The first time he met her (around 1999) he asked her if she knew who I was. It turned she DID know who I was and was a big fan of the show. That celebrity was Ms. Britney Spears.

  • Being that this year marks 15 years since your season of The Real World aired, are there any unofficial reunion plans for you and your castmates?

 There was supposed to be a Boston cast reunion planned in a local night club in downtown Boston. It was being orchestrated by Syrus. As of right now I haven’t had any confirmations so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

You can find Genesis on Facebook and Twitter.  Also you can look at Genesis’ blog to get her views on photography and other things.


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