Movie Flashback: Selena

This evening, I watched one of my favorite movies, Selena, for what seems like the thousandth time.  There are many reasons why this movie is worth repeat watching.  The main reason is the very talented Jennifer Lopez.  Lopez’s portrayal of the tragic Tejano singer is extremely true to how Selena was in real life.  This movie is what made me take notice of Jennifer Lopez.

Another reason I love Selena is the story of how Selena and her siblings became superstars.  Selena, Suzette, and A.B. Quintanilla became an unstoppable force in the Tejano music scene because their father believed in them and went to great lengths to see them succeed.

Finally,  the last reason why Selena is because of the love story of Selena and Chris Perez.  The romance between Chris and Selena is one of the best there is.  From how the movie portrayed them, Selena and Chris were madly in love with each other and one can only imagine the pain that Chris went through when Selena was taken from him.  Chris wrote a song for Selena back in 2002 called “Best I Can” and in the song he says “you know it’s so damn hard letting go of you”.  Recently, Chris Perez’s memoir about his marriage to Selena, To Selena, With Love, was published.  The book covers from the time that Chris joined Selena y Los Dinos to Selena’s tragic death.

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