My First Encounter with a Celebrity Stalker

Yesterday when I went to the red carpet for the Academy of Country Music Awards to take pictures, for around two hours, I was standing next to a Taylor Swift stalker.  No lie.  The guy was Asian in his 40s or 50s.  He had three bags of wrapped gifts for Taylor Swift and a picture of Taylor Swift with a younger version of himself photoshopped in it.  That alone wouldn’t have made him a stalker more of a fan out of touch with reality.  It wasn’t until later in the day that he did and said that made out to be a crazy stalker.  First off, he told the event security that he talked to Taylor Swift everyday through e-mail and that Taylor wanted to meet him there at the ACM Awards Red Carpet.  The security agents weren’t having this so they told him he needed to be behind the barricade.  The guy wasn’t exactly cooperating so event security were calling the Las Vegas Police in on this and someone mentioned about the stalker going to jail.  The stalker heard this and said, “I’ll kill Taylor Swift before I go to jail.”  or something like that.  I took a short video of the police confronting the stalker and you can see at the :41 second mark.

The police did not arrest the stalker but they told him he had to leave the area.  Even though the guy never showed his face again, all of us that had witnessed this guy were keeping a lookout to see if he was going to come back.


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