Music Videos You Should See 4/14: The Garbage Pre-Las Vegas Concert Edition

This evening I am going to see the band Garbage in concert.  It has been almost ten years since I last saw them live.  To commemorate the occasion I thought I would put up some Garbage music videos.

This is one of my favorite Garbage songs.  “Special” is the third single off Garbage’s second album, Version 2.0.  At the end of “Special”, Shirley Manson sings, “We were the talk of the town.”  This was sampling from the Pretenders’ song “Talk of the Town.”

Another of my favorite Garbage songs, “The World is Not Enough” was written by David Arnold and Don Black for the 1999 James Bond film of the same name.  The first time I saw Garbage in concert they performed this song during the encore.

Although there is no official music video for “Supervixen”, I thought I would include it here because it is the first song off Garbage’s self-titled debut album.  When I first heard this song live, I thought there was something wrong on stage because of the breaks in the song.

“Cherry Lips” was the second single off of Garbage’s third studio album, Beautiful Garbage. 

The first single off of Garbage’s fourth album, Bleed Like Me, “Why Do You Love Me” was a return to the rock sound that Garbage was known for on their debut album.

“Tell Me Where It Hurts” was released as a single from the greatest hits album, Absolute Garbage.

The final single off of Version 2.0, “You Look So Fine” is a favorite among Garbage fans to hear live.

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