A Blogger’s Prespective on Billie Joe Armstrong’s iHeartRadio Music Festival Meltdown

As everyone knows by now, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong went mental onstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and now he’s in rehab.  While I was not at the festival itself, I was at MGM Grand Arena that morning while Green Day was doing their rehearsal.  Mind you, I could only hear the rehearsal going on and not see it.  One thing I noticed was an abnormal flow of the rehearsal.  I attributed it to the fact that Green Day are pros when it comes to playing live venues so as long as they get the gist of how each song is going to go, they’re good.  It wasn’t until the next day when I saw the video above that I noticed some similarities from what I heard to what Billie Joe Armstrong did onstage during Green Day’s set.

Looking back on that I wished I would have recorded what I was hearing during that rehearsal because I thought I heard Billie Joe make a comment during that rehearsal on their 30 minute performance as well as Billie Joe stopping midway in a couple of songs.  Knowing what I thought I heard, I thought Billie Joe had planned his “meltdown” as a way to show how punk Green Day still is.  Then when I heard on the news that Billie Joe checked himself into rehab, my earlier conclusion went out the window.  Maybe Billie Joe was drunk or strung out on drugs earlier on Friday during rehearsal.  I cannot say 100% that I had heard things as I previously stated but it is what I thought I heard.  None of that matters in the end though.  What does matter is that Billie Joe Armstrong get better because he is an extremely talented musician.


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