Thoughts About The Newtown, Conneticut Tragedy

Normally I wouldn’t talk about something like the Newtown Tragedy but when a quote that is being passed as being said by Morgan Freeman blaming journalists for this tragedy, I feel a responsibility to state my feelings because I am going to school to be a journalist.  The quote by Morgan Freeman being posted by numerous Facebook users is not something that Freeman said.  For another thing, it’s not fair to blame journalists for these tragedies.  The blame should fall first and foremost on the parents of these gunmen.  In the case of Newtown, the young man had many mental problems and his mother was a gun collector.  The assault rifle used by this young man belonged to his mother.

That is one of the biggest problems right there.  Why did the mother need to own an assault rifle?  Why does anyone need an assault rifle?  The only people who should have those type guns is the military.  Everyday citizens have no business owning an automatic or semi-automatic.  Too many times we have seen these tragedies carried about with some kind of assault rifle, machine gun or sniper rifle.

Something else that needs to done to prevent tragedies like Newtown and Columbine from happening again is parents need to start monitoring what kind of media content their children consume.  I love playing video games like Call of Duty and watching movies like Kill Bill but I am old enough to know that the difference between fantasy and reality.  There is a reason why some of these games and movies are for anyone over the age of 18.  Parents need to realize that their children do not need to be playing violent video games.  Kids will emulate what they see because they are still impressionable.  One only needs to look to the Bobo Doll studies that Albert Bandura did in the 1950s.

As much as I hate to say it, the video game industry needs to do more to ensure that children are not playing games as well.  The alternative is the government will step in and there would be a possibility that games like Call of Duty or Resident Evil will not be available for anyone.

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