Disappointment Over DC Comics’ Decision to Let Orson Scott Card Write Superman

Last Wednesday, it was announced that DC Comics was starting a digital comic series for Superman called Adventures of Superman similar to the Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight digital series.  Adventures of Superman does not begin until April 29 but this digital series is already making waves among the news websites and blogs.  The uproar is not over the character but the writer that is writing the first two chapters, Orson Scott Card.  Card is the author of the science-fiction novel, Ender’s Game and a fanatical Mormon.  The author’s views on gays and marriage equality and his association with the right-wing group, National Organization for Marriage (NOM) are the reasons that there is outrage that DC Comics would hire Card to write a Superman story.

I have been a Superman fan since 1990 and have had a few issues with how DC Comics has handled its best known property, but this is, for me, a slap in the face.  When I first heard of Card’s views on gays, I decided from that moment that I would not support any work of Card’s.  It is true that the man is entitled to his opinion when it comes to the issue of gay rights and it is also true that he probably is able to separate those views from his fiction writings but the money he makes off those writings goes toward NOM and whatever other hate groups that Card donates money to.

I’m not saying that DC Comics should prevent Card from writing Superman, but I will not buy a Superman story written by Orson Scott Card.


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