Vlogs and Podcasts That I Follow

Here recently I’ve got hooked on some vlogs and podcasts.  The vloggers that I follow do daily vlogs that keep me interested and coming back everyday to see what’s new in their lives.  This is the true reality TV and not the overproduced content you see on cable or the networks.

The first vlog that I follow is Internet Killed TV (CTFxC).     Internet Killed TV is all about We the Kings bassist, Charles Trippy and his dogs, Marley and Zoey.  Internet Killed TV holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running daily video blog on YouTube.  Below is the video that Charles is presented with the record.


Also during his time vlogging, Charles found that he had a brain tumor and has had two surgeries on his brain. Here are those videos:

Last Monday, Charles received good news about the tumor.

The other vlog I follow is Not Adam and Steve, which is about Will and R.J., a couple who moved from Florida to Hollywood. The big reason I follow this vlog is because these two guys have been in relationship for a while and they took the bold step to move all the way across the country for bigger and better things. Here are the latest videos from Will and R.J.

The last thing I follow is The Dinner Party Show, a weekly audio podcast hosted by best selling authors, Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn. The Dinner Party Show airs every Sunday at 8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific. It is really hilarious and to listen to it, click the link above or go to their SoundCloud page.

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