The Outer Vibe at Musica in Akron, Ohio- July 8, 2016 (Review and Photo Gallery)

On Friday, July 8, I attended the Outer Vibe’s concert at Musica in Akron, Ohio.  I had seen The Outer Vibe previously at Fashion Meets Music Festival 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, so I knew I was going to see a great show.  Great doesn’t even begin to describe the Outer Vibe’s concert at Musica. The concert exceeded my expectations far beyond great.  The lead singer, Sean Zee, has a powerhouse voice that can put you in a good mood or seduce you.  Nick Hosford, the guitarist, slays the guitar and leaves you always wanting more of his sweet riffs.  Lisa Kacos plays the keys and the trumpet with a fierce but fun flare.  Rounding out the group, bassist Wonderboy Andrew Dornoff shreds the bass and Noah Savage Snyder, the band’s drummer, plays the skins with great chomp.  Whether it is playing a single from their latest album or covering a Rolling Stones’ classic, the Outer Vibe had the crowd dancing.  I definitely cannot wait to see them again at this year’s Fashion Meets Music Festival.


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