Melrose Place Weekly Dish #2a- The Ella Connection

Okay , as promised here is the first of more promos for Melrose Place.


Melrose Place Weekly Dish 1- Spell Melrose [updated 10/5/2009]

Starting today as a regular weekly feature, I am going to devote posts to the new Melrose Place. I have been reading all sorts of info on Melrose 2.0 and I can tell you that the first season is going to revolve around a murder in the first episode. I have heard rumors about who gets killed and all I have to say is that with this murder, almost everyone has a motive for killing this person.   Update: To find out who was murdered in the first episode click for the rest of the entry. Continue reading “Melrose Place Weekly Dish 1- Spell Melrose [updated 10/5/2009]”

The Michael and Lisa Marie kiss [updated 10/5/2009]

This moment was one of the most memorable for me. I remember when I first saw this on MTV’s Video Music Awards. It was one of the most akward kisses to watch.


Update:  Due to YouTube removing the original video that I added to this post, here’s another video of that infamous kiss:

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Ever since his debut with his brothers as the Jackson Five, Michael Jackson has been a true pop icon. It wasn’t until this performance that Michael came into his own as the King of Pop. His album, Thriller was and still is today 26 years after its release one of the best known works of Michael Jackson’s. Even though, Michael’s life was marred by accusations of child molestation, he pushed forward. The world has lost a legend. Rest in peace, Michael, and thank you for your incredible talent.