COUGAR TOWN Season 3 Highlight Reel

From Bill Lawrence’s YouTube Channel:

Cougar Town returns for its third season on Feb. 14 at 8:30 pm/7:30 pm on ABC.  Watch this great show!!


COUGAR TOWN Viewing Party at Palms

Tonight I experienced my first star-studded premiere.  I was one of the lucky few to see the Cougar Town Season 3 premiere and an additional episode at the Palms Casino.  The best part of the premiere was that I met most of the cast of Cougar Town.  Courtney Cox (Jules Cobb), Christa Miller (Ellie Torres), Josh Hopkins (Grayson Ellis), Ian Gomez (Andy Torres), Brian Van Holt (Bobby Cobb), and Robert Clendenin (Tom) were in attendance at the viewing party and I talked to them and got my picture taken with all of them except Christa Miller.

The season three premiere of Cougar Town was excellent.  It had many hilarious moments and one big romantic moment.  I’m not going to spoil it because the episode is going to be on ABC on Valentine’s Day at 8:30 (Eastern and Pacific)/ 7:30 (Central), but needless to say it is one of the best episodes of the show so far.  The second episode shown was an episode focusing on Bobby’s new love interest played by Sarah Chalke from Scrubs.  During the end credits of this episode, there was a mini-Scrubs reunion that was so comical.  After the viewing of the two episodes, a sizzle reel for Season 3 of Cougar Town was shown and this season looks to be the best season yet.

Music of My Favorite Decade The 1990s Part 2: Legendary Singers

Continuing with the theme established in the previous article with the similar name, the 1990s also brought singers that managed to achieve great staying power.  The first of these artists is Ricky Martin.  From the time Ricky Martin was a teenager, he has been in the public eye.    In 1984 a thirteen year-old Ricky joined the Latin boy band, Menudo and became a young Latino heart throb.  In 1990, Martin started his solo career in singing and even 1994, starring on the ABC soap, General Hospital, but it wasn’t until 1999 that Ricky Martin would become widely known in the United States when he performed at the Grammys that year.

Ricky Martin’s first English single,  “Living la Vida Loca” sent him soaring into stardom.

Recently, Ricky came out as gay to the world and not long after that he released a memoir about his life on and off stage and what led him to reveal that he was gay.  Martin also released his latest album Musica + Alma +Sexo with the first single off the new album being “The Best Thing About Me Is You”, a duet with singer/ songwriter Joss Stone.  The video for this single features many same-sex couples.

Another legendary singer to debut during the 90s is Britney Spears.  Like Ricky Martin, Britney started young in the entertainment industry on the New Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel.

Britney hit the music scene in 1999 when the title track of her album, …Baby One More Time, debuted and sold 500, 000 copies in one day

 Britney’s rise to stardom was not without its shares of ups and downs though.  From her marriage and divorce to the father of her children, Kevin Federline,  to her bouts with hospitalization, Britney suffered many troubling issues but despite those moments in her life, Britney endured.  Earlier this year, she released her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale, and the first single, “Hold It Against Me” debuted at number one.

Britney Spears has become a big influence in pop culture.  So much so, that the Fox television show, Glee, did an episode tribute to her with Spears herself making a cameo appearance.

Like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake got his start on the New Mickey Mouse Club.

Justin’s introduction into the music industry was as part of the boy band ‘N SYNC.  The group became widely popular with the teen set when their first single off their self-titled debut album, “I Want You Back”, premiered. 

It was apparent early on that Justin was a star but Justin’s stock rose when he went off to start his solo career.  In Feburary 2004, Timberlake came under fire for his role in the now infamous Janet Jackson “Wardrobe malfunction” during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Justin publicly apologized for his role in that incident and was back in the good graces of the American public.  In September 2006, Justin Timberlake released his second album, FutureSex/ LoveSounds, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.  The first single off the new album, “Sexyback” was an instant hit.

The style of FutureSex/ LoveSounds was different from his debut solo album due to Justin’s creative control and production partnership with producer/rapper Timbaland.  The duo of Timberlake and Timbaland was a winning combination that led to other artists like Duran Duran and Madonna using the duo’s talent to create hit songs.  Timberlake has also solidified himself as a talented actor starring in films such as Alpha Dog, The Social Network, and this summer’s Bad Teacher.

Pictures from the White Carpet at the Billboard Music Awards 2011

Here are the pics from my first awards show red carpet.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

Brothers and Sisters: Saying Goodbye to a Great Show

As announced last Friday, ABC has canceled Brothers and SistersThis news came as blow to the many fans of the drama including myself.  I started watching Brothers and Sisters around the middle of the third season and from the first episode I watched I was hooked (thank goodness for Netflix because I was able to go back watch episodes that I had not seen).  The thing I loved most about this show was the portrayal of the Walker family.  On some level, the viewer could relate to all the characters on the show.  The A list cast made this show a hit.  It just saddens me that I will no longer be able to tune in every Sunday night to watch the continuing stories of the Walkers.  I would like to thank the cast and crew of Brothers and Sisters for giving us fans five years of a great show and wish all of you good luck in your future endeavours.