Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Special Edition Album Review


As anticipated, Lady Gaga’s second album, Born This Way, was released today and Gaga’s sophomore effort was worth the wait.  Two different versions of Born This Way, the standard version and two-disc special edition.  The album is great but take my advice: buy the special edition!  The special edition has three extra songs on the first disc and five remixes on the second disc just for a couple of dollars more. 

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Pictures from the White Carpet at the Billboard Music Awards 2011

Here are the pics from my first awards show red carpet.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

American Idol is Rigged!!!!!

Don’t get wrong, I love watching American Idol, but there have been one too many times where the wrong person has won.  First there was the Season 8 finale when Kris Allen won over Adam Lambert.  Then in Season 9 Lee DeWyze won over Crystal Bowersox.  Now this season, the best performer, James Durbin was voted off just this evening when it should have been clear that Scotty McCreery was the one to be eliminated.  I admit, I am not a big fan of country music but even so, Scotty is not that talented.  When Scotty performed his second song last night, I thought that was the most corny performance I have ever seen especially with those crazy eyes that he was making.  The only consolidation that I have is that Scotty will fade into country music obscurity while Haley Rhinehart and James Durbin have successful careers.

American Idol Top 12 Girls

First of all, I have to say as a whole, the girls didn’t impress me as well as the boys did.  Once again, the rating system is * (Stars) with four being the highest.

  • Ta-Tynisa Wilson “Only Girl in the World”- * It was a big mistake for Ta-Tynisa to sing this song.  She was way off-key and she has no power in her voice like Rhianna.  Plus her dress was horrible.
  • Naima Adedapo “Summertime”-*** Naima is sassy thing with great vocals.  Interesting taste in fashion. She is one of few girls tonight that owned the stage.
  • Kendra Chantelle “Impossible- ** Kendra was just average. Se had no flair in voice until the final note.
  • Rachel Zavita “Criminal”- ** Rachel chose an interesting arrangement for this song and it almost worked.  She’s very saucy.
  • Karen Rodriguez “Hero”- * This song was too big for her.  When she sung part of the song in Spanish, that showed some potential.
  • Lauren Turner “Seven Day Fool”- *** Lauren has great vocals.  Doesn’t stand out enough yet.
  • Ashthon Jones  “Love Over Me” -**** Was she wearing a corset?  She has mad vocals. Smoldering presence.
  • Julie Zorrilla    “Breakaway”-*  Was she dressed for her super sweet sixteen party or for Idol?  Once again we have a girl who is taking on a song that was too big for her and was sharp at times.
  • Haley Reinhart   “Fallin”- *** A jazzy and sultry performance.  Not perfect but she owned the stage.    
  • Thia Megia      “Out Here On My Own”- **** Hard to believe this girl is only 15.  Strong opening and incredible vocals.  She commands the stage without moving.                    
  • Lauren Alaina    “Turn on the Radio”- **** Lauren made a bold choice and it paid off.  Country music is her comfort zone.
  • Pia Toscano  “I’ll Stand by You’- **** Pia is an ambitious girl for her age.   The top girl this season with a flawless performance.         She’s a  powerhouse that can only get better.                                                        

American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Guys

Here are my ratings for the top 12 guys on American Idol.  Rating system is * (stars) with 4 stars being the highest.

  • Clint Jun Gamboa “Superstitious”- *
  • Jovany Barretto “I’ll Be”- *
  • Jordan Dorsey “Oh My God”- **
  • Tim Halperin “Streetcorner Symphony”- *
  • Brett Lowenstern “Light My Fire”- ***
  • James Durbin “You Got Another Thing Coming”- ****
  • Robbie Rosen “Angel”- *
  • Scotty McCreery “Letters From Home”- ***
  • Stefano Langone “Just the Way You Are”- **
  • Paul McDonald “Wake Up Maggie”- ***
  • Jacob Lusk “A House is Not a Home”- ****
  • Casey Abrams “I Put a Spell on You”- ****

This Week in Pop Culture

Alright I thought I would put my two cents in on the goings on in pop culture this week:

  •  Adam Lambert-  This week’s Rolling Stone cover story was about American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert and his confirmation what we all knew, he is gay.  The best part of the interview was that Adam revealed that he had a crush on Kris Allen.  When told about Adam’s crush, Kris Allen told this to People Magazine,  “I’m flattered.  And think it’s hilarious.” Continue reading “This Week in Pop Culture”

My Thoughts on American Idol Results

I am totally pissed!!! No disrespect to Kris Allen when I say this because he is a good singer, but he should not have won. Adam Lambert was light years ahead of Kris when it came to singing. The thing that really pisses me off was that I bet you the reason Adam didn’t win was because he’s allegedly gay. The reason I say allegedly is because Adam has neither confirmed nor denied he’s gay. The “Christians” that watch American Idol cannot stand the fact that a gay guy would have been the best singer, but the truth of the matter is it should not matter about Adam’s sexuality. He is by far the better singer. The joke is going to be on those “Christians” because Adam is going to be more famous than Kris.