Wizard World Cleveland 2016: Day One (Photo Gallery)

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Wizard World Cleveland Day 1 (2-20-15) Photos

Photos from Akron Comicon 2014




Ever since this movie was announced back in 2010, I have been looking forward to seeing Zack Snyder’s vision of the Superman legend.  Tonight the anticipation paid off.  Man of Steel is one of, if not the definitive Superman story.  I’m not going to put any major spoilers in this review because I feel any plot points are best experienced while watching the movie.

Man of Steel, of course, focuses on the beginnings of Kal-El/ Clark Kent/ Superman, from his birth on Krypton to growing up in Smallville to when he puts on the suit.  One thing that sets Man of Steel apart from any other Superman movie or television show is that the audience is only sees key points of Clark’s childhood in Smallville.  Snyder takes a page out of the Nolan-directed Batman Begins utilizing flashbacks for Clark as a child.  Another welcome change in the introductory Superman story is no Lex Luthor.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Luthor but I feel the whole Lex as Superman’s first villain has been played out.  It was a refreshing change of pace for the major bad guy to be someone from Krypton than a Earth man like Lex.  The cast is perfectly chosen especially Henry Cavill and Amy Adams who play Superman and Lois Lane respectively.  The real surprise was in Russell Crowe’s role as Superman’s Kryptonian father, Jor-El.  Unlike his bland performance in Les Miserables, Crowe shines in this film.

As much as I love Bryan Singer and his work on the X-Men movies, Superman Returns was horrible.  The reason for this was that Singer tried to continue what Richard Donner and Ilya Salkind did on the original Superman movies including using the John Williams theme sans John Williams.  The result was a convoluted mess that left Superman fans confused and disgusted.

As to how Man of Steel compares with Superman The Movie, there is really no fair reason to draw a comparison.  Both films present a vision of Superman that is representative of the era they were filmed.  Like the original 1978 film, Man of Steel is a seminal work and one that could set the stage for later cinematic outings for other DC Comics properties such as Justice League, The Flash and Wonder Woman.  Early ticket sales projections have prompted Warner Brothers to lock in Snyder and company for a sequel to Man of Steel.

Las Vegas Comic Expo Day 1 Photos

Great Scenes in Comic Book Movies

Update:  Unfortunately the first four videos I chose for this post have embedding disabled and searched for other ones just like them but ended up with the same results.


With Green Lantern coming to theatres on Friday, I thought an article on great scenes from comic book movies would appropriate.  First up is the museum scene from Batman (1989). 

This scene is great because it is the classic hero saving the damsel in distress scene.  Right when Vicki is cornered by the Joker, Batman crashes down and saves her, but what really makes this a classic is the Joker’s line “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”.

The next scene is from The Mask starring Jim Carey.

How can you not love this part of the movie?  Jim Carey was born to play this role.  The movie was an enjoyable comic romp.  Little piece of trivia: The Mask was the first movie that Cameron Diaz was in but it wasn’t until My Best Friend’s Wedding that she became widely known.

The next scene is from Batman Returns.

This scene has always been a favorite of mine because of the intensity that Michelle Pfeiffer brings to Selina’s transformation.  Selina is woman who has been pushed too far (literally) and now she is ready to exact her revenge.  The drama of Michelle’s acting is matched with Danny Elfman’s haunting theme “Selina Transforms”.

The next scene is from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This scene is, in my opinion, one of the best of this movie because of how it sets up Scott’s battle with Todd.  As soon as Scott realizes that Ramona dated Todd, you can sense the tension that Scott is feeling seeing his ex and Ramona’s ex on the same stage.

This part from Men in Black always makes me laugh.  The logic behind Jay shooting little Tiffany is hilarious.  Will Smith delivers these lines with such a brilliant quality.

Even though X-Men:  The Last Stand was a stinker, it gave us two things in one scene that fans of the X-Men comic have been waiting for: the Wolverine/ Colossus fastball special and Wolverine taking down a sentinel.

Wonder Woman’s New Look and Direction

Wonder Woman 2010

 From DC Comics’ blog, The Source, this new look for Wonder Woman, envisioned by J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by Jim Lee, debuts in Wonder Woman #600 today along with a new direction for the book.  As soon as I have read the comic, I will give my review on the new look and direction.  So see you back here in two hours.

Update–  After reading the prologue to Straczynski’s Wonder Woman story arc, “Odyssey”, I am curious to see how this change in direction will play out.  The story told in the prologue, titled “Culture Shock”, focuses on how  the Greek Gods shift reality where Diana never grew up on Paradise Island.  Instead of an island paradise, Diana’s home is the urban jungle of what I assume to be New York City.  The premise of the story arc shows promise that it will be an interesting story.  So, unlike some of my fellow comic book readers, I will give this story a chance to see if it lives up to its promise.