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Cougar Town: A Zip Line Tour of the Set

In a behind the scenes look at Season 3 of Cougar Town, the cast is ziplining in the cul-de-sac.  The clip shows Ian Gomez (Andy), Brian Van Holt (Bobby), Busy Phillips (Laurie), and Courtney Cox (Jules) all taking their turn on the zipline.  Don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode, “A Heart With of a Mind of Its Own”, at 8:30/7:30 pm.  Here is a preview from the episode:



Review of COUGAR TOWN Season 3 Premiere “Ain’t Love Strange”

Last night after nine months wait, Cougar Town returned with new episodes.  The season three opener, “Ain’t Love Strange”, focused mostly on the relationship between Jules and Grayson but the subplots in this episode were quite hilarious as well.   Episode spoilers after the jump. Continue reading “Review of COUGAR TOWN Season 3 Premiere “Ain’t Love Strange””

Cougar Town Season 3 Premiere Tonight

Cougar Town Season 3 Promo Poster (courtesy of tvfanatic.com)

The Cul-de-sac crew returns tonight on ABC at 8:30 pm EST/PST and 7:30 pm CST.  Cougar Town begins its third season on Valentine’s Day with a romantic moment that is too good to be spoiled.   In case you missed the highlight reel of season 3, here it is:

My review for the Cougar Town’s Season 3 opener will be up after 9:00 pm PST.


COUGAR TOWN Viewing Party at Palms

Tonight I experienced my first star-studded premiere.  I was one of the lucky few to see the Cougar Town Season 3 premiere and an additional episode at the Palms Casino.  The best part of the premiere was that I met most of the cast of Cougar Town.  Courtney Cox (Jules Cobb), Christa Miller (Ellie Torres), Josh Hopkins (Grayson Ellis), Ian Gomez (Andy Torres), Brian Van Holt (Bobby Cobb), and Robert Clendenin (Tom) were in attendance at the viewing party and I talked to them and got my picture taken with all of them except Christa Miller.

The season three premiere of Cougar Town was excellent.  It had many hilarious moments and one big romantic moment.  I’m not going to spoil it because the episode is going to be on ABC on Valentine’s Day at 8:30 (Eastern and Pacific)/ 7:30 (Central), but needless to say it is one of the best episodes of the show so far.  The second episode shown was an episode focusing on Bobby’s new love interest played by Sarah Chalke from Scrubs.  During the end credits of this episode, there was a mini-Scrubs reunion that was so comical.  After the viewing of the two episodes, a sizzle reel for Season 3 of Cougar Town was shown and this season looks to be the best season yet.