Ani DiFranco at Kent Stage 4-1-2016 (Photo Gallery)

Singer and feminist icon, Ani DiFranco kicked off her latest tour with a sold out concert at Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio last night.  The April 1st show marked the third time Ani has performed at the venue and the over 600 people that came out to see her enthusiastically welcomed her back.  Between songs, Ani talked to the crowd about various things such as literature (Ani joked about reciting Leonard Shlain’s book, THE ALPHABET VERSUS THE GODDESS) and politics (Ani stressed the importance of voting).  When Ani played Fuel, a song from her 1998 album, LITTLE PLASTIC CASTLE, the crowd wildly applauded, some even got up out of their seats.  All in all, the show proved to be good time for Ani and the fans who came out to see the singer.