Garbage Las Vegas Concert 4/14/12 Review

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Last night I went to the Garbage concert at Palms Casino here in Las Vegas.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have been looking forward to this concert ever since it was announced.  The last time I saw Garbage live was back in 2002 when they touring in support of their third album, Beautiful Garbage.  Three years later, the band went on an indefinite hiatus.  Fast forward seven years later, Garbage is back.  Seeing Garbage last night was like seeing a best friend after so many years, time has gone by but you find that it’s so easy to catch up and the dynamic that made the friendship is just as strong as the last time you saw each other.  I was not the only one who felt this way either.  The whole audience seemed to be overjoyed that their favorite band was back and the feeling was mutual from Shirley, Butch, Steve, and Duke.  For all of us, it was like coming home after being away for so long.

For some musicians, a seven-year break could prove to be disastrous but for Garbage, they still had that spark that made them a great band.  Whether it was Shirley’s amazing vocals or Butch’s mad drumming skills, the band were in sync with each other from the first note to the last riff.  I think I speak for all the Garbage fans when I say, “Welcome back, Garbage.  We missed you and are excited that you have returned.”

To see great pictures and videos from last night’s concert, go to, Jason Debord, the editor-in-chief took some amazing footage of the concert.



Music Videos You Should See 4/14: The Garbage Pre-Las Vegas Concert Edition

This evening I am going to see the band Garbage in concert.  It has been almost ten years since I last saw them live.  To commemorate the occasion I thought I would put up some Garbage music videos.

This is one of my favorite Garbage songs.  “Special” is the third single off Garbage’s second album, Version 2.0.  At the end of “Special”, Shirley Manson sings, “We were the talk of the town.”  This was sampling from the Pretenders’ song “Talk of the Town.”

Another of my favorite Garbage songs, “The World is Not Enough” was written by David Arnold and Don Black for the 1999 James Bond film of the same name.  The first time I saw Garbage in concert they performed this song during the encore.

Although there is no official music video for “Supervixen”, I thought I would include it here because it is the first song off Garbage’s self-titled debut album.  When I first heard this song live, I thought there was something wrong on stage because of the breaks in the song.

“Cherry Lips” was the second single off of Garbage’s third studio album, Beautiful Garbage. 

The first single off of Garbage’s fourth album, Bleed Like Me, “Why Do You Love Me” was a return to the rock sound that Garbage was known for on their debut album.

“Tell Me Where It Hurts” was released as a single from the greatest hits album, Absolute Garbage.

The final single off of Version 2.0, “You Look So Fine” is a favorite among Garbage fans to hear live.

Garbage “Blood for Poppies” Music Video

The official video for “Blood for Poppies”, Garbage’s first single off of Not Your Kind of People premiered less than an hour through UStream and is now on Vevo.  The video, directed by fashion photographer Matt Irwin, was filmed in four days at the end of February in Los Angeles, California.  The visuals for “Blood for Poppies” were inspired by artists Reneé Magritte, Luis Buñuel, Maya Deren, and Francesca Woodman.

“We piled into a transit van with the ridiculously talented team of Matt Irwin and Aaron Brown and hopped around little pockets of Los Angeles creating a gorgeous surrealist dream. We ate ice cream sandwiches in the sunshine and laughed a lot. I didn’t want the shoot to end,” recalled Manson.

The video has a similar vibe to “Queer” and “Push It” music videos.

Garbage’s New Album NOT YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE Track Listing and Album Art Revealed

Today the band Garbage announced the track listing for their fifth studio album, Not Your Kind of People.

The first single from the album is “Blood For Poppies”.  Garbage also revealed the cover art for both the deluxe and standard versions of Not Your Kind of People:

Not Your Kind of People Deluxe Edition Track Listing: 1. Automatic Systematic Habit 2. Big Bright World 3. Blood For Poppies 4. Control 5. Not Your Kind Of People 6. Felt 7. I Hate Love 8. Sugar 9. Battle In Me 10. Man On A Wire 11. Beloved Freak 12. The One 13. What Girls Are Made Of 14. Bright Tonight 15. Show Me
Not Your Kind of People Standard Edition Track Listing: 1. Automatic Systematic Habit 2. Big Bright World 3. Blood For Poppies 4. Control 5. Not Your Kind Of People 6. Felt 7. I Hate Love 8. Sugar 9. Battle In Me 10. Man On A Wire 11. Beloved Freak

Not Your Kind of People will be released on May 15.

Garbage Returns!!

Exciting News From Garbage’s Official Website:


Los Angeles, CA – January 30, 2012 – Garbage has announced that their fifth studio album, Not Your Kind Of People, will be released in the United States on May 15, 2012, on the band’s label STUNVOLUME.  As V Magazine recently put it:  “The poster girl for ’90s alternative rock is ready to reclaim her reign – and the radio – with a new record from her iconic band, Garbage.”

“Working with Garbage again was very instinctual,” said Duke Erikson.  “Like getting on a bicycle…with three other people.”   He adds “We haven’t felt this good about a Garbage record since the last one!”

Garbage – Shirley Manson (vocals), Steve Marker (guitars, keyboards), Duke Erikson (guitars, keyboards) and Butch Vig (drums, loops) – will hit the road this spring in support of the album by performing several headlining shows as well as various festivals throughout Europe and the U.S. with more dates to be confirmed. “Thinking about going back on the road is both thrilling and terrifying in equal measure,” said Shirley Manson. “………but we’ve always enjoyed a little pain mixed in with our pleasure.”

This is great news for fans of Garbage like myself.

Here’s the last song that Garbage put out.

Music of My Favorite Decade The 1990s Part 1: Great Bands

The other day someone close to me said that the 1990s were the worst when it came to music.  Naturally I disagreed with that statement because of a couple of reasons.  I thought the 1990s were rich with great music for these reasons: it gave us great bands such as Garbage, No Doubt, and the Spice Girls (yes I said the Spice Girls.  I will explain why I think they are great in a moment) and we saw the emergence of some singers with great staying power.

During the 90s, some great bands formed or gained popularity.  One of those bands was Garbage.  When Garbage arrived on the scene back in 1995, it was apparent that this band was a force to be reckoned with.  Formed by producers Butch Vig and Steve Marker and Vig’s longtime friend and musician, Duke Erikson, Garbage was born out of the desire for the three men to make their own music instead of remixing everybody else’s.  At first the guys were going to take the direction of Garbage as a trio, but after the initial recordings with Vig doing vocals, the men knew that they were missing something: a woman’s influence.  As chance would have it one night while watching MTV’s 120 Minutes, Steve Marker saw the video of “Suffocate Me” by Angelfish and found the missing piece to the puzzle, Angelfish’s lead singer Shirley Manson.  Their first hit, Vow,  sent Garbage to being famous.

Garbage’s unique electropop style to this day has not been successfully duplicated.  While Garbage went on hiatus back in 2008, things are looking good that the band will be back together.  On a personal note, I met Garbage back in 1999 when they were on tour with Lit as a part of MTV’s Campus Invasion in support of their second album, Version 2.0.  I have to say that Shirley Manson and the guys are some of the coolest people I ever met and to this day I can hear Shirley say to me in her Scottish accent, “I love your shirt” referring to a holographic button down shirt I had bought from Gadzooks.  Here are some pics below:

Shirley Manson

Garbage and Marshall University SAPB

Another band that achieved greatness in the 90s was No Doubt.  The Orange County band brought ska music to mainstream with their breakout album, Tragic Kingdom.  While the band formed in 1985, their self-titled debut album was not released until 1992, but the band’s first album was not met with critical acclaim.  It wasn’t until 1995 that No Doubt would discover mainstream success when the first single off Tragic Kingdom, “Just a Girl” , debuted in October 1995.  Since  Tragic Kingdom, the band’s popularity skyrocketed and No Doubt became an inspiration for bands such as Paramore. 

The final band that was great during the nineties was the Spice Girls.  The girl group from England consisted of Victoria Adams (Posh Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), Melanie Chinsolm (Sporty Spice) and Melanie Brown (Scary Spice).  The Spice Girls gained popularity in 1996 with their first single from the album Spice, “Wannabe” and the 90s became defined by “Girl Power”.  The term “Girl Power”, as the Spice Girls explained it, was about strong and loyal friendship among females and has been dubbed the third-wave feminism.