Full Performance of “How Will I Know” from Glee’s “Dance With Somebody” Episode

The first song from Glee’s Whitney Houston tribute episode, “Dance With Somebody”, is up on YouTube now.  The song performed is “How Will I Know” the third single from Whitney’s self-titled debut album.  The 1985 single is sung by Mercedes, Santana, Kurt and Rachel and it is the best song to feature all of their voices.  What do you think of Glee’s take on “How Will I Know”?


Whitney Houston: The Loss of a Phenomenal Singer

R.I.P. Whitney Houston 1963-2012


Today the music world is in mourning over the loss of the legendary R & B diva, Whitney Houston.  The singer was 48 years old.  The cause of death is still unknown at this time.  Speculation, in all probability, is running rampant but regardless of how Whitney died, she should be remembered for the great songs she gave us.  Here are some of her best ones:

We will always love you, Whitney.