Great Scenes in Comic Book Movies

Update:  Unfortunately the first four videos I chose for this post have embedding disabled and searched for other ones just like them but ended up with the same results.


With Green Lantern coming to theatres on Friday, I thought an article on great scenes from comic book movies would appropriate.  First up is the museum scene from Batman (1989). 

This scene is great because it is the classic hero saving the damsel in distress scene.  Right when Vicki is cornered by the Joker, Batman crashes down and saves her, but what really makes this a classic is the Joker’s line “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”.

The next scene is from The Mask starring Jim Carey.

How can you not love this part of the movie?  Jim Carey was born to play this role.  The movie was an enjoyable comic romp.  Little piece of trivia: The Mask was the first movie that Cameron Diaz was in but it wasn’t until My Best Friend’s Wedding that she became widely known.

The next scene is from Batman Returns.

This scene has always been a favorite of mine because of the intensity that Michelle Pfeiffer brings to Selina’s transformation.  Selina is woman who has been pushed too far (literally) and now she is ready to exact her revenge.  The drama of Michelle’s acting is matched with Danny Elfman’s haunting theme “Selina Transforms”.

The next scene is from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This scene is, in my opinion, one of the best of this movie because of how it sets up Scott’s battle with Todd.  As soon as Scott realizes that Ramona dated Todd, you can sense the tension that Scott is feeling seeing his ex and Ramona’s ex on the same stage.

This part from Men in Black always makes me laugh.  The logic behind Jay shooting little Tiffany is hilarious.  Will Smith delivers these lines with such a brilliant quality.

Even though X-Men:  The Last Stand was a stinker, it gave us two things in one scene that fans of the X-Men comic have been waiting for: the Wolverine/ Colossus fastball special and Wolverine taking down a sentinel.