Now a Swiftie: How I Went From Not Liking Taylor Swift to Becoming a Fan

Taylor Swift greeting her fans before she goes on the white carpet at the Billboard Music Awards 2011 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the very first picture I took of Taylor.

I’ll admit it, when Taylor Swift first came on the music scene back in 2006, I did not care for her.  I honestly thought she was s bit annoying.  My annoyance increased when Taylor performed with music legend, Stevie Nicks at the 2010 Grammys and botched up “Rhiannon.”  It wasn’t until I moved to Las Vegas in April 2011 that my opinion of Taylor started to change.  On May 22, 2011, I went to the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip to see the white (red) carpet arrivals for the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.  That day I saw more celebrities in one day in Las Vegas than I had ever seen in my thirty-three years living near the east coast.  One of the celebrities that took the time to greet the fans was Taylor Swift.  The one thing I noticed about Taylor during this first time seeing her in person was that she was very gracious and generous with her fans.  Taylor stayed signing autographs and  taking pictures with her fans for good amount time.

The next time I would see Taylor was at MGM Grand again on April 2, 2012 for the Academy of Country Music Awards.  This time I took some amazing pictures of her.

Taking these pictures of Taylor Swift was an amazing experience and to this day remain to be some of my favorite celebrity pictures that I have taken.  The biggest reason for this is that I captured Taylor interacting with her fans and not posing for the press.  At one point, I used one of these pictures to make a project for my Tumblr photo blog, Celebrities’ Innermost  Thoughts.

photo 2

I posted this on April 11, 2012 here and the next day, it was reblogged on what I think was Taylor’s Tumblr page.

photo 4

I started taking notice of her music when “I Knew You Were Trouble” was released because I liked the video for the song.

Released on her birthday in 2012, this video has almost 200 million views.

When “Shake It Off” was released two months ago, I was hooked on the song instantly.

Taylor also has a great sense of humor as demonstrated when she was on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show with John Cleese last week.


A Blogger’s Prespective on Billie Joe Armstrong’s iHeartRadio Music Festival Meltdown

As everyone knows by now, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong went mental onstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and now he’s in rehab.  While I was not at the festival itself, I was at MGM Grand Arena that morning while Green Day was doing their rehearsal.  Mind you, I could only hear the rehearsal going on and not see it.  One thing I noticed was an abnormal flow of the rehearsal.  I attributed it to the fact that Green Day are pros when it comes to playing live venues so as long as they get the gist of how each song is going to go, they’re good.  It wasn’t until the next day when I saw the video above that I noticed some similarities from what I heard to what Billie Joe Armstrong did onstage during Green Day’s set.

Looking back on that I wished I would have recorded what I was hearing during that rehearsal because I thought I heard Billie Joe make a comment during that rehearsal on their 30 minute performance as well as Billie Joe stopping midway in a couple of songs.  Knowing what I thought I heard, I thought Billie Joe had planned his “meltdown” as a way to show how punk Green Day still is.  Then when I heard on the news that Billie Joe checked himself into rehab, my earlier conclusion went out the window.  Maybe Billie Joe was drunk or strung out on drugs earlier on Friday during rehearsal.  I cannot say 100% that I had heard things as I previously stated but it is what I thought I heard.  None of that matters in the end though.  What does matter is that Billie Joe Armstrong get better because he is an extremely talented musician.

Pictures from the Billboard Music Awards 2012 Press Room

Here are the pics that I took yesterday in the BBMA press room.  Unfortunately, not all of the celebrities came back to the press room.  I know there are a lot that were hoping I would get a picture of Justin Bieber but he was one of the celebs that did grace us (the press) with his presence.   The celebrities that I did get pictures of, in the order the pictures are, are Wiz Khalifa, Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, Jason Derulo, Carly Rae Jepsen, LMAFO, Eric Benet, and Stevie Wonder.

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