Photos from my iPhone 

The best tool I have on me always when I am covering events is my iPhone. I am able to take pictures and put them up instantly on social media sites. Here’s a few of the pictures I have posted.                     

Bands to Know: My Morning Jacket

Almost ten years ago, I discovered a band that I absolutely love to this day.  That band is My Morning Jacket.  The first time I heard of them was from the soundtrack to the film “Elizabethtown.”  The song that My Morning Jacket had on that album was “Where to Begin” and I was mesmerized by it the first time I had heard it.


As I always do whenever I find a new love in music and movies, I went searching for more on My Morning Jacket.  I found more reasons to love this Alt-Rock band from Louisville, Kentucky.  Some of the band’s well known songs are:


Off The Record

Wordless Chorus

My Morning Jacket’s seventh studio album, “The Waterfall” is released tomorrow, May 4, 2015 and will be on The Tonight Show on Friday, May 8.  Here’s a preview of the album:



Annie Leibovitz and Star Wars

It was just announced earlier today that renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz has photographed the Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast for the upcoming June issue of Vanity Fair.  Here is a sneak peek of the cover:

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