Wizard World Cleveland 2016: Day One (Photo Gallery)

Just a little disclaimer here:  if you want to use a photo, feel free to do so but I have two conditions- 1. Please do not alter my pictures in any way or remove the watermark.  I put a lot of work into my photography and post-processing and since I don’t get paid for my photography yet, I would like to maintain some control of my work.  2. Please give me credit for the photographs and link back to the original source.  Thank you


Celebrity Meet and Greet in Support of President Barack Obama

Summer Movies That I Am Excited to See

It’s that time of year again.  Ladies and gentlemen, the summer movie season is upon us and with that come blockbusters, romantic comedies, and kids movies.  Being a movie aficionado, I am very selective about films I will go see in the theatres.  Here is the rundown of the films that I am anticipating:

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2009 Movies that I Have Seen

Okay, I have to say this year so far has been one of the best years for a movie buff like myself. Here’s the movies that I have seen in theatres so far this year:


 Watchmen: Being a fan of the grapic graphic novel, I was pleased that finally this movie was made.  It was everything that I hoped it would be.  My only complaint was that the movie was a tad bit too long, but that is only a minor quibble.  I was impressed with the cast, the special effects, and the cinematograpy.  Just a few short weeks until this movie comes out on DVD  and Blu-Ray, and hopefully I will have many repeat viewings of this film. Continue reading “2009 Movies that I Have Seen”