Thoughts About Las Vegas Comic Expo 2012

I should’ve wrote this article on Monday but things get delayed when you are a college student.  The Las Vegas Comic Expo was definitely one of the best, if not the best, comic convention I have attended.  Even though I attended the Comic Expo as a member of the press and not a fan, I still had a great time.  Here are some random thoughts from my attendance from both days:

Scott Lobdell and I
  • Meeting Scott Lobdell was great but getting to talk to him extensively about the comics that he wrote that I have read was amazing.  The first comic of his that I read was also the first X-Men comic that I ever read.  The issue was Uncanny X-Men #288.    
  • The Cosplayers have a dedication to dressing up for comic conventions, even to the point of enduring wearing a bulky black Batman suit in the Las Vegas sun.
Robin, Batman, and Jubilee

I asked the guy in the Batman suit how hot he got in that suit walking into the Expo from the parking lot.  He told me that he felt like he was going to burn up outside.

  • Even the some of the retailers from comic shops like to get in on dressing up for conventions.
  • Some of the most unexpected yet interesting things can be seen on the convention floor.

  • The writers and artists in the comic industry are very accessible at conventions.  They are comic fans as much as we are.
  • A love for comics can be a family fun activity.