Review of Lady Antebellum’s OWN THE NIGHT Album

On Tuesday, the country trio Lady Antebellum released their third studio album, Own the Night.  The overall theme of this album is love in all of its aspects from young love to lost love.  The vocal chemistry between Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley is what makes Lady Antebellum successful.  This is prevalent in the lead single off of Own the Night, “Just a Kiss”.

The song is about love when it first begins and moving slow not to “mess this thing up”.

The second single off Lady Antebellum’s new album is “We Owned the Night”.  It is an upbeat song sung by Charles about a lost love that was very memorable.

Other songs off of Own the Night that are great songs are “Friday Night”, “Singing Me Home” and “Love I’ve Found in You”.  While this is the first Lady Antebellum album I have ever listened to, I loved the whole album.