Whitney Houston: The Actress

Tonight CBS is airing We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston.  The tribute to the late singer boasts artists like Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, and Usher performing some Whitney’s well-known songs.  While Whitney is primarily known for her music career, her career in acting adds to the greatness of her life.  This is a tribute to Whitney Houston,  the actress.


The Bodyguard

While Whitney’s debut as actress was slammed by movie critics, fans of the singer hold this movie to a high standard.  The chemistry between Whitney and co-star Kevin Costner is magical.  The main reason why this movie is so well-loved is because of Whitney Houston.

Waiting to Exhale

Whitney’s next movie role was as Savannah Jackson in the film adaptation of Terry McMillan’s best selling novel, Waiting to Exhale.  While Whitney’s co-stars were praised for their roles, critics and most fans agreed that Whitney’s acting in this film was flat.

The Preacher’s Wife

This Penny Marshall film was a remake of 1947 movie, The Bishop’s Wife.  Most critics loved this movie, praising the chemistry of Whitney and Denzel Washington and Whitney’s singing.

Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Whitney played Fairy Godmother to Brandy’s Cinderella in this made-for-television musical.  This musical became another favorite of Whitney fans.



Full Performance of “How Will I Know” from Glee’s “Dance With Somebody” Episode

The first song from Glee’s Whitney Houston tribute episode, “Dance With Somebody”, is up on YouTube now.  The song performed is “How Will I Know” the third single from Whitney’s self-titled debut album.  The 1985 single is sung by Mercedes, Santana, Kurt and Rachel and it is the best song to feature all of their voices.  What do you think of Glee’s take on “How Will I Know”?

American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Recap: Boys vs. Girls

It’s that time of year again.  The competition on American Idol begins with the Top 13.  This time around, with the beginning of the finals, new rules are in place.  Even though I do not like when they make up new rules on the spot, this one seemed to make it an interesting night.  The rule that Ryan decreed was that it was boys against girls and tonight it would be revealed who received the lowest votes among the boys and the girls.  From there, the judges would decide if it is the boy or the girl who would be sent home.  With the guys taking on the songs of Stevie Wonder and the girls paying tribute to the recently departed Whitney Houston, the Top 13 competition show looked promising.  As it was last year, Interscope Records exec/ producer, Jimmy Iovine and the guest mentor, Mary J. Blige, helped the contestants with their song choices.  For more on each contestant, click on their picture. Continue reading “American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Recap: Boys vs. Girls”

Thoughts About the 54th Grammy Awards

Before I go into my thoughts about last night’s Grammys, I wanted to make a major criticism to CBS and the Grammy Association itself.  Those of us who are music and pop culture bloggers on the west coast had to wait three hours behind the east coast to see the telecast of the Grammys.  It made it very difficult to tweet or blog about who was performing or who won what when the east coast knew three hours before we did.  It’s not like it couldn’t be shown at the same time as the east coast.  I have seen it done with other award shows.  Now that I got that complaint off my chest on to the show itself:

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Spectacular Grammy Performances From Years Past

To commemorate the Grammys this evening, here’s a look at some of the best performances from previous years’ Grammys.  The videos are in no particular order.

I thought it would be appropriate to start out with Whitney Houston performing at the 28th Annual Grammy Awards in 1986.  She is performing her hit song, “Saving All My Love For You”.  Say what you will about Whitney’s death but she was a class when it came to singing.

In 1996, new artist Alanis Morrisette performed her hit, “You Oughta Know”, on the Grammy stage.  Alanis won four awards that night.

 Ricky Martin took the world by storm in 1999 when he performed on the Grammys.  It was a night that would change Ricky’s life forever.  In his memoir, Me,  Ricky writes: “I was blown away by their intensity- it was like receiving a blessing from an audience that I respect immensely.  And it was another moment I will remeber for the rest of my life.”

Arcade Fire’s performance of “Month of May” at last year’s Grammys was spectacular because they have bikers riding around on stage with cameras on their bikes.  The video from the bikes and the strobe lights captured the chaos of the song.

Mumford and Sons also performed on last year’s Grammys.  The band performed the second single off their debut album, Sigh No More, “The Cave”.

Whitney Houston: The Loss of a Phenomenal Singer

R.I.P. Whitney Houston 1963-2012


Today the music world is in mourning over the loss of the legendary R & B diva, Whitney Houston.  The singer was 48 years old.  The cause of death is still unknown at this time.  Speculation, in all probability, is running rampant but regardless of how Whitney died, she should be remembered for the great songs she gave us.  Here are some of her best ones:

We will always love you, Whitney.