Vans Warped Tour 2015: Mallory Knox Photo Gallery Part 2

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Vans Warped Tour 2015: Palisades (Photos)

Vans Warped Tour Interview: Mikey Chapman of Mallory Knox (Video)

I interviewed Mikey Chapman, lead singer of the British band Mallory Knox. We discussed the inspiration of the song “She Took Him to Lake” as well as his impressions of Warped Tour and more.

Drenalin at Musica (Akron, Ohio) June 13, 2015

From Drenalin’s Facebook Page:
Fueled by the dedication and passion of its five members, Drenalin continues to draw a major following in Northeast Ohio and its surrounding region, gaining the respect of venues, promoters and fellow musicians. Following the release of their self-titled album Drenalin (2007) and Ground Zero (2009), their third album Faith in Forever dropped to anxiously awaiting fans in the Fall of 2012 and continues to pump high energy, compelling riffs and defining fills into the veins of Northeast Ohio’s music scene. Recorded and produced by Drenalin’s Dan Gutter in his studio Screamline Recording, Faith in Forever displays the heart, soul and true musicianship of its members.

Drenalin has shared the stage with national acts including Saving Abel, Nonpoint, Taproot, Red, Trust Company, Primer 55, CAVO, Saliva, Taddy Porter, Evans Blue, Framing Hanley, Flaw, The Sick Puppies, Black Stone Cherry, Eye Empire and My Darkest Days. Crediting its influences to Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin and Phil Collins/Genesis, Drenalin continues to infuse Hard Rock, Metal, R&B and 80s New Wave into a sound of their own.
In 2012, Drenalin became the official music partner for The Legends Football League (formally The Lingerie Football League). Tracks from Faith in Forever were featured in their worldwide promotions, including the use of “Epic” for the 2012 LFL All Star Game in Australia, “The Chosen” in the 2012 LFL Broadcast promotion, and “Wear It” for their 2013 Rebranding promotion.

With a growing fan base, dedication to their music, a passionate attention to detail and a high-energy live show, Drenalin begs the question:
Are you a junkie?

“[Drenalin]” is a group that everyone needs to see. Drenalin has hit the music scene head on and are taking no prisoners.”
– Buzzbin Magazine

“Drenalin not only provides something different, but could also be the band most likely to break out of Northeast Ohio. [Drenalin’s] solid songwriting and textured performance easily puts it alongside the Nickelbacks, Godsmacks, and Breaking Benjamins of the rock radio world.”
– The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Drenalin is:

Collin Stump: GUITAR
Coda Haze: BASS
Drew PenCook: DRUMS

The Beauty in the Bravery: My Thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner


I confess, I don’t care too much for the Kardashian/ Jenner clan. I think Kris Jenner is opportunistic momager (helicopter mother who handles the business affairs of her child’s show biz career) and I see Kim Kardashian as a brainless twit who married a rapper with the larger than life ego, Kanye West. Never mind the fact that their daughter is named North West, but Kim is pregnant again thanks to Kanye and they just might name it South West. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of the Kardashian reality dynasty, so when former Olympic gold medalist and ex husband of Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner announced he was transitioning from male to female, I thought it was a publicity stunt. Even seeing the Diane Sawyer interview, I was still skeptical. Yesterday’s reveal of Caitlyn Jenner changed my mind completely. The above Vanity Fair was taken by my favorite photographer, Annie Leibovitz. With the simple quote, “Call me Caitlyn” and the picture of the woman who was formerly Bruce Jenner, shows how beautiful the largest acts of bravery can be. Reading the interview that Caitlyn does for Vanity Fair shows that she is embracing herself to the fullest and is very happy. 

Welcome, Caitlyn Jenner and thank you for your bravery.